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11:21AM September 24th, 2007 Monday
Dover Demolition Derby [
[ mood | hyper ]

Yesterday was a prime example of why people say Dover is like Bristol on steroids. Woo, that was some race!

Crashes, two red flags, nearly all of the Chasers having some sort of problem, the gigantic shift in points that accompanied it (I think Kyle Busch was the ONLY one who remained the same), a fight....it was awesome.

Kevin Harvick had tire problems on lap 170 and it was pretty much downhill from there, culminating in a 'Dega-worthy Big One with 14 laps to go that took out twelve cars.

As for the Denny Hamlin-Kyle Petty thing, here's my opinion: Yeah, Denny was too aggressive in trying to pass Kyle, but Kyle was stupid to confront him in his garage the way he did. Look, I have all the respect in the world for Kyle Petty, but that was phenominally stupid of him to slap Denny's visor down while he was still strapped into the car. As to which would win in an actual fight, I happen to think they'd beat the holy hell out of each other.

Oh and I can just hear people howling that Denny's a baby and he did it intentionally and all kinds of shit, and I would just like to give them an advance STFU!! It was a racing accident, and stuff happens. End of story.

Clint Bowyer was doing his best imitation of a yo-yo yesterday, having started 42nd and making it to the tiop ten before getting caught up in the Hamlin-Petty deal. I think he eventually finished 12th. He just seems to have such garbage luck in the DirecTv car, which is unfortunate because he looks mighty fine in the blue firesuit.

Grr, J.J. Yeley got caught up in the 'Big One'...when I saw his car being towed out on a wrecker, I wanted to hit something. He was doing pretty damn well before that, too. Man, Dover seems to just chew him up and spit him out with disturbing frequency >_<

Jesus, I think ALL my drivers had some sort of problems...even Carl Edwards, who eventually won, had some sort of throttle problem. Not to mention that BS post-race inspection failure.

But you know who I feel sorry for the most out of all this? Matt Kenseth. He had THE dominant ccar all day and was well on his way to not only winning the race, but lapping the field. Then he had that alternator problem, then dropped a cylinder and eventually blew up.

Heh, there's no earthly way that Kansas can top this...unless a tornado or something whips up in the middle of the race.

10:41PM August 1st, 2007 Wednesday
holy crap, holy crap, holy crap... [
[ mood | scared shitless ]

6 dead as Mississippi River bridge falls amid rush hour in Minneapolis

Oh. My. God.

This is just frickin' scary...how there isn't more than six fatalities is a goddamn miracle. The news says there's like 50 something cars in the water. There's a tuck on fire, too. People are comparing it to the freeway collapse during the 1989 quake in San Francisco

I started panicking and calling my parents because I knew that my uncle that lives there uses that bridge in his commute to work. Luckily we called their house and he was okay...he'd gotten home early from work, and was actually driving on it about an hour before it collapsed.

11:18AM June 21st, 2007 Thursday
good. i'm glad he's gone. [
[ mood | apathetic ]

Cubs deal Barrett to Padres

Okay, as I've stated before, I never really liked Michael Barrrett that much. He's not that good of a catcher...I read somewhere that our pitchers' ERA was over 5 when he caught them and 2.00 with someone else. And his offensive stats really aren't that much to write home about, at least not enough to overlook his defensive faults.

That was even before the thing with Zambrano....which I kind of thought was a one-time thing, seeing how widly emotional Z can be. But then Barrett has a similar disagreement (though it didn't come to blows thankfully) with Rich Hill.

And you know what kills me, KILLS ME about this whole thing? Pudge Rodriguez could have been had in 2004...and instead the Cubs got Barrett *facepalm* Idiots.

9:18AM June 17th, 2007 Sunday
The One With Fighting On The Field, Not In The Clubhouse [
[ mood | frustrated ]

Lee plunked, ejected after melee

Wow, the Cubs seem to be involved in fights more often than most teams in the MLB.

Okay, Chris Young hit Derrek Lee on the hand to start the fourth...as Lee walks to take his base, the two jaw at each other, and Lee takes a swing at him. Young returns but neither punches connect. Benches empty, Lee is in a pile of players on home plate with Jake Peavy on top of him, whaling on him.

Damn, and here I was kind of hoping those punches would connect. The best baseball fight with a Cub invovled is that one vs the Reds where Kyle Farnsworth bloodies Paul Wilson's nose in a fight. My favorite also because you see Farns in the dugout with this big 'ol smile on his face. Boy do I miss that guy...it just KILLS me seeing him in a Yankees uni.

But, back to the present...apparently, Lee was hit in retaliation for Alfonso Soriano admiring a home run he hit in the other game. Jake Peavy, who's already proved himself to be a hell of a pitcher but a whiny little bitch, and some of the other Padres didn't like it. Fine, but if you want to throw at a guy, shouldn't you, oh, I don't know, THROW AT THE RIGHT GUY?!

Anyway, Cubs go on to lose 1-0 and are probably looking at loosing Lee for a time. Perfect, just what we need when we're already shorthanded with Ramirez on the DL.

8:02PM June 10th, 2007 Sunday
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him... [
[ mood | angry ]

Seriously...Jeff Gordon is so fuckin' lucky it makes me sick.

Let's assess...no brakes, tires all used up. Ryan Newman is not only faster than him, but will problably pass him in the next half of a lap.

Then the skies open up and the caution flies because of the rain...and eventually gets called.


The only couple of bright spots was Newman's 2nd place and Denny coming back from 21st to finish 6th. Oh, and Jimmie Johnson cut a tire and finished 42nd.

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